Are you planning to have a vacation? Do you have a hard time selecting which hotel or inn to stay in? If yes, then you should rather consider renting a cabin. The following are some of the reasons why renting a cabin is very important for your upcoming vacation:

1. Quiet and Peace

Renting a hotel or inn for the whole duration of your vacation seems to be the usual plan however, once you are already there, you often realize how much you hate hotels or inns. With an approximate number of 35 out of 100 families taking vacations every year, hotels or inns can usually be crammed with clients, overwhelming and noisy. It may usually not be the most relaxing vacation you imagined for your friends or family. Renting a cabin, on the other hand, offer a peace and quiet place to stay in. Hidden away from the busy highways and roads, Pinetop Cabins basically offers a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

Private cabin rentals make sure peaceful nights with no disturbances at all from thin hotel walls as well as clients past your doorsteps all the time, especially during night time.

Surrounded by wildlife, woods, mountains and amazing views is a much better way to spend the vacation compared to having noisy and rude neighbors.

2. Wonderful Surroundings

Aside from having a lot of clients in a hotel or inn, they are typically situated in populated place with no room for wonderful surroundings. Cabin rentals leave you with wonderful surroundings, most especially during night time. Where populated hotels or inns are in places filled with lights from other hotels as well as tall buildings, cabins also offer a wonderful view of nature, and the opportunity to truly witness the planets and stars in the clear night sky. Having said that, instead of looking for the most perfect picture spot, you just need to step out onto the balcony and have the full view of the beautiful mountains. You can also enjoy the breeze as well as get in touch with the nature by relaxing in natural elements and watching birds fly. Some cabins also have hiking or walking trails inside the property setting for clients to enjoy and explore during the whole course of their stay.

3. Space and Privacy

The size of a standard hotel room is becoming smaller year by year. It is because small hotels are actually cheaper to build and much easier to maintain. With an improved technology nowadays, hotels are eliminating the same furniture, creating bigger space to walk around.

Cabins also offer privacy and space hotels do not have; with a variety of sizes and styles, it can actually be less expensive over time. Ranges of the size from a studio type to as big as 13 rooms, which can accommodate up to 44 persons for a big retreat or reunion. Cabins provide their clients with the space to walk around and relax where rooms of the hotel can only provide a space to sit and sleep.