If you haven’t heard about chiropractors yet, it’s time that you get to know these health professionals better. They are special types of doctors whose specialty is spinal disorders. But while they also treat and diagnose such diseases, their health services are referred to as an alternative form of treatment to some.

Even so, patients of the diseases listed below are highly encouraged to consult with these health experts for guidance. If you have tried a lot of medications and none worked, maybe it’s time that you talk to a real health practitioner who can help you. Go to a Tulsa area chiropractic clinic if you suffer from:

1. Piriformis Syndrome

This disease occurs when the narrow muscle found in your buttocks, which is called the piriformis muscle, irritates or compresses the sciatic nerve. The common symptoms of this disease include a tingling sensation, numbness, and pain that travels down the buttocks and towards the legs.

2. Whiplash

Whiplash is a very common injury suffered by a lot of people. It’s what you experience when your car is rear-ended. It’s also referred to as hyperextension or hyperflexion. It’s that instant when your head and neck are whipped quickly and suddenly forward or backward. The result is a severe sprain or strain on your neck.

3. Sciatica

This problem occurs when a branch or the sciatic nerve itself gets irritated or compressed. You’ll feel the pain traveling below your knee and all over the legs. The pain felt is sharp and shooting, much like an electrical shock.

4. Spinal Osteoarthritis or Spondylosis

This disease affects the facet joints of the spine as well as the other bones. It is a type of arthritic disease that is very common among aging individuals. If you think that you’re suffering from this disease, be sure to consult with a chiropractor right away to get some effective remedies.

5. Short Leg

This disease is also referred to as a leg length discrepancy. It’s when a person’s leg is longer than the other. This condition can be due to a lot of factors, but it is mostly caused by structural and postural problems. Structural problems are usually associated with birth defects while the most common postural problem is pelvic tilting.

When to Consult with a Chiropractor

Since a chiropractor is a health professional with a certain type of discrepancy, it is strongly advised that you consult first with a general practitioner, so you’ll get fully diagnosed. Once it has been determined that your health issue is one of the diseases listed above, then it gets easier for doctors to refer you to a chiropractor for further assessment and treatment.

While there are still a lot of people that think that chiropractic care is an alternative way of treating a disease, it is slowly being recognized by the medical society as a valid branch of medicine. This means that consulting with a chiropractor is a good idea if you experience problems related to your spinal area. Furthermore, a lot of health insurance now includes chiropractic care in their coverage.